Sunday, August 11, 2019

College Daze

AVID students visited several colleges last year, from UC Riverside to the University of La Verne.  AVID students interacted with college students, attended lectures, and were able to get a realistic sneak peek at college life.  As we enter the new school year, students will continue to be exposed to college experiences to help prepare them for their future. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

HJH AVID Participates in Hesperia Clean-up Day

AVID students participated in the biannual Hesperia Clean-up Day on an early Saturday morning.  Instead of cleaning up their adopted street, which is already nice and clean, students volunteered to go into the desert and clean up an area that needed extreme TLC.  Students spent hours working hard to clean a dump site off of Eucalyptus Street.  They were proud to help make their city a better, more beautiful, place!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

AVID Students Work Hard....

AVID Tutorials

Every Tuesday and Thursday, AVID students participate in tutorial sessions.  Students share at least one problem that they are struggling with in one of their classes.  Then they must explain their Point of Confusion so that college and peer tutors can guide the learning/inquiry process in small, collaborative groups.  Students take control of their learning and ultimately improve their performance in their classes.  Hard work really does pay off!  


...and AVID Students Play Hard!

AVID Students Get VIP Treatment at the Ontario Reign Game

AVID students had a great time at the Ontario Reign Game! 

Students had the opportunity to participate in the High-Five tunnel and interact with the Reign

 players before watching an action-packed filled game.  The Ontario Reign won!  Good things 

do come to those who work hard!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

CSUSB Field Trip

Seventh grade AVID students visited California State University, San Bernardino on Monday, October 29th. Students toured the campus with our HJH teachers. Stops included the CSUSB museum, the gym, the Pfau Library, and peeks into classrooms and lecture halls.

We're currently in the works of planning our upcoming, second semester eighth grade college tours. This year we plan on visiting UC Riverside, the University of LaVerne, and Cal Poly Pomona. A special thanks to the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians for their generous donations for making these trips possible!

Philosophical Chair

One of the skills promoted in AVID is the use of evidence to articulate an argument. On Wednesday, students did just that with a Philosophical Chair! A Philosophical Chair helps the development of students’ abilities to give careful attention to other students’ comments and to engage in dialogue with one another to gain a greater understanding of the topic presented. On Wednesday students debated the topic of schools start times.

Preparation for this began with reading two articles, one pro and one con.  Afterwards, students chose a side, outlined two claims based on evidence. Next, students looked at the opposing side, possible claims and evidence to prepare them for the counterargument. On the day of the debate students chose a side and gave their arguments. Through this experience, it is our hope students learn to use evidence to defend their positions but also gain an understanding of the opposing viewpoint.