Thursday, April 30, 2020

AVID Applications for the 2020/2021 School Year

Incoming 6th graders!  

Interested in being part of the HJH AVID Family? 

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Current HJH Roadrunners!

Interested in being part of the HJH AVID Family? 

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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The University of California Riverside: Keira Gbur, a Current AVID Student, Reflects on Her Experience.

The University of California, Riverside

by Keira Gbur

When my AVID class visited the University of California, Riverside, the first place we visited was the library.  There were so many books and little individual study areas. When we were walking around on campus, we stopped by a large classroom the size of a movie theater.  The class did not start yet but students were getting seated and preparing for class. My tour guide told me that you are supposed to read the book on your own and then the professor will talk about it in class.  Because there are so many kids, if you need to speak to your professor privately you can speak to them in their office during their office hours.

One of the three libraries.
A lecture hall.

College Atmosphere

The college atmosphere was very professional and everybody was acting like mature adults.  People did not really socialize on their way to class and had their earbuds in. People either walked, rode scooters, or skateboards around campus.  During lunchtime, more people talked and hung out with their friends. There were students skateboarding and doing homework/studying. There was even a gym where students can rock climb and workout.

Tennis courts, the gym, and the pool.
College students rock climbing inside of the gym.
One of the eating areas right before it got crowded for lunch.
A few of my classmates enjoying the college atmosphere.

Monday, February 17, 2020

HJH AVID Students Tailgate with HHS AVID Students

Hesperia High School's AVID students recently hosted an AVID Basketball Tailgate Party for Hesperia Junior High AVID Students.  Food, beverages, and friendly bonding made for a successful event.  HJH AVID students were even given tickets to get in for free to watch the Scorpion basketball players play an opposing team!  Indeed, our current AVID students were excited to meet many of their future HHS AVID leaders before one day following in their footsteps.  It was a great opportunity for our Roadrunners to see AVID life on the Scorpion side.  #HHS#AVID#HJH#Leaders#Roadrunners#Scorpions#Unite

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Feeling Speechy

After having visited NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, AVID students took things to the next level and participated in the Name Nasa's Next Mars Rover contest.  Students had to come up with a name for the rover, which will be launched in 2020, and explain why they chose that name.  Writing, creativity, and speaking skills were all a part of this process, and students' hard work showed. Take a few minutes to listen to Ivana Carreno (8th grade), Adrian Zamarripa (8th grade), Jairo Salcedo (7th grade), and Chrysandra Chally (8th grade).  They all had speeches that were out of this world!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

HJH AVID visits NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

To Infinity, and Beyond!

Hesperia Junior High's AVID class took their first trip this year to the
NASA JPL Laboratory.  Students were given a rare and exclusive tour
of the facilities.  NASA scientists were hard at work preparing for the future
launch of the Mars rover in 2020.  This rover will be looking for life on Mars.
Students were able to observe scientists hard at work and even interacted with scientists
who readily answered their questions.  AVID students toured the labs and got an eye-opening
experience on how life at the NASA laboratories works.  This inspiring experience
motivated students to participate in the Name Nasa's Next Mars Rover contest.
(You will be able to hear some of our AVID students' essay submissions soon)!
Our AVID students and teachers would like to thank our beloved science teacher,
Mrs. Nealey, for making this trip possible!  She went above and beyond
to secure spots for our students so that they could partake in this rare experience.
In the future, we hope to see some of our students who were inspired by this visit
to be scientists or astronauts who are a part of NASA's historic space missions!


Sunday, August 11, 2019

College Daze

AVID students visited several colleges last year, from UC Riverside to the University of La Verne.  AVID students interacted with college students, attended lectures, and were able to get a realistic sneak peek at college life.  As we enter the new school year, students will continue to be exposed to college experiences to help prepare them for their future. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

HJH AVID Participates in Hesperia Clean-up Day

AVID students participated in the biannual Hesperia Clean-up Day on an early Saturday morning.  Instead of cleaning up their adopted street, which is already nice and clean, students volunteered to go into the desert and clean up an area that needed extreme TLC.  Students spent hours working hard to clean a dump site off of Eucalyptus Street.  They were proud to help make their city a better, more beautiful, place!